Aren’t we glad we have them.

Aren’t we glad we have them.

A couple things to notice:

50 caliber sniper on the right.

Knee, knuckle and forearm protection.

Various plastic/wire ties.

Absolute identity denial to protect their families.

Free choice of footwear.

Fourth from the right has three artillery simulators and CS gas grenades on his belly.  He’s the ‘shock and awe’ guy.


You can imagine the look on Bin Laden’s face when these guys came through the door.



USS Kitty Hawk aircraft carrier takes a wave over the bow


Cool footage…

*** Remember our troops and vets in any way you can, ’cause all of them paid some, and some of them paid all !!

Aircraft carrier USS Kitty Hawk takes a wave over the bow
Friday, January 30, 2009, 11:31 AM USS Kitty Hawk in Western Pacific.
It’s not often you see an aircraft carrier take waves over the bow.

To put it in perspective, the deck is 102 feet off the water when docked.
You can see the ship shudder when it crests (camera wiggle).
You can bet the flight director was wishing he had parked that chopper a lot further aft!