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Looking for William Keahi Iaukea


Does anyone know William Keahi Iaukea on the Big Island or his family
member?  If so, could you please have them contact Garry from Australia (
who found William’s dog tags while in Vietnam during the Vietnam War.  


PTSD RESOURCE LINK recently published a resource to help not only nurses, but anyone — family members, friends, co-workers — better understand and recognize PTSD. You can take a look here:  It includes tools and information to empower education and career; and help non-healthcare workers understand more about PTSD.

COLLEGE PLANNING AND ACADEMIC RESOURCES FOR STUDENTS recently designed two resources specifically for servicemembers and those considering ROTC. One is a guide explaining how ROTC programs work, and the other is designed to help military service members and veterans make the most out of college.

You can view the resources here.


Aloha Paul,

Thought I’d let you know that A friend of mine, Bob Gertz with the Olison Co., is the Superintendent Contractor on a new hotel construction job in Maui.  He said it would be ok for Veterans division to contact him re. jobs on the site.  His number is 344-4611.  Hope this helps employ a few Vets.


Ed Glassel

2014 Maui County Fair Photos!

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​Aloha, I have been asked to help find the remaining photos for the Oahu and Big Island Fallen Heroes from the Vietnam War.  Could you please take a look at the list and see if you recognize any of the names and help me find families, friends or what high school they attended.  I would appreciate any help.  Mahalo.  Please respond to
Thank you Janna Hoehn

NAME                                             DOB-DOD    HOME OF RECORD

Fuifuitaua Amisone                        1929-1967    Kahuku

Tony R. Arriaga                              1938-1966    Waipahu

Larry K. Bilonta                              1939-1967    Honolulu

Steven S. Ching                             1947-1967    Honolulu

Joseph J. Del Rosario                    1926-1969    Aiea

Samuel E. Dick                               1950-1970   Honolulu

Masaichi Fujimoto                          1925-1967    Honolulu

Samuel P. Giffard                           1933-1966    Honolulu

Alexander Gonzales                      1921-1967    Honolulu

Kaoru Honda                                  1928-1967   Hilo Big Island

John E. Horn                                  1946-1966   Honolulu

Herman B. Hose Jr.                       1941-1969    Honolulu

Felisisimo A Hugo                          1925-1967    Wahiawa

James H. Ishihara                          1922-1963    Honolulu

Steve F. Johnson                            1946-1970    Kailua-Kona Big Island

Melvyn H. Kalili                               1942-1970   Hauula

Joel K. Kamalolo                             1944-1971   Haleiwa

Edward Y. Kim                                 1930-1966   Wahiawa

Dixon T. Kinard                                1934-1969    Honolulu

John Levinthol Jr.                            1948-1968    Honolulu

Robert R. Lindbergh                        1947-1968   Honolulu

Leonard G. Maquiling                      1948-1971   Honolulu

Richard D. Martin                            1947-1968   Honolulu

Raymond E. Meyers                        1920-1966   Hauula

Wolfgang T. Mohl                             1943-1967  Papikou  Big Island

Melvin T. Nishiyama                         1945-1966  Honolulu

Rockne M. Noguchi                         1946-1967   Honolulu

Robert L. Nueku                             1943-1966   Nanakuli

Florendo B. Pascual                       1924-1965   Honolulu

Teofilo C. Pimentel                         1926-1966   Wahiawa

Rudloph Remular                           1945-1967   Honolulu

Ricky W. Richardson                      1947-1967   Kailua

Arturo S. Rodriguez                       1945-1968    Honolulu

Thomas A. Salvatore                     1949-1969    Waimea

Lee E. Sinclair                               1940-1969    Honolulu

Philip H. Stevens                           1934-1972    Wahiawa

David K. Suapaia                          1947-1967    Honolulu

Albert H. Tatsuno                           1934-1966   Aiea

Pelesasa S. Tauanuu                     1940-1968   Honolulu

William R. Taylor                            1947-1968   Honolulu

Richard R. Tesoro                          1947-1968   Honolulu

Elliot M. Yoshida                            1943-1971   Wahiawa

Eugene C. Zamora                        1948-1969   Honolulu