Pearl Harbor Colors Ceremony on 16 Jul 15.

As a reminder, the monthly Pearl Harbor Colors Honor and Heritage Ceremony
serves to enhance the recognition and preservation of Navy history and
heritage, as well as honor the sacrifice of veterans and those currently
serving.  Each month focuses on a different theme in military history and
heritage, diversity in the military and/or recognition of significant
military operations. 

The theme for July is “military youth outreach programs” with participation
from the USS Missouri Sea cadets and local JROTC units in formation, along
with several dozen active duty joint military as well. 

July’s ceremony will also include participation by the MEPS (Military
Entrance Processing Station) and the mass induction of new military
enlistees. This is how the new Sailors, Marines, Soldiers, Airmen and
Coasties will begin their military career.  We think it should be a great
experience for the applicants and their families; something they will never
forget.  MEPS is hoping to induct as many as 30 applicants during the
ceremony. Family and friends for each applicant are highly encouraged to

We would be honored if veterans and veterans groups would attend the
ceremony and lend their support to the new inductees, sending them off with
a sense of pride and congratulating them on their decision to serve our

WHAT: Pearl Harbor Colors
WHEN: Thursday, July 16.  7:30am – 8:00am
WHERE: USS Arizona Visitor Center

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